About us

We started operating in 1991 as the first translation and interpreting agency to provide a full range of language services: our offer includes not only all types of translation and interpreting but also localization of advertising materials, user manuals, software, websites, editing services, DTP, proofreading, language teaching and linguistic advice.

Our objective is to provide quality services at each stage of order completion, from the first contact with our Customer to the delivery of an edited translation prepared for publication or a comprehensive interpreting service provided with the use of certified equipment.

To achieve this objective:

  1. We continually develop the skills and enhance the qualifications of our office staff, who participate on a regular basis in internal and external training courses.
  2. We employ professional translators and interpreters whose qualifications are confirmed by their degrees in general and applied linguistics. We encourage our translators and interpreters not only to continually extend their linguistic skills but also to study other disciplines and specialise in specific types of translation and interpreting.
  3. We monitor the process of acceptance and completion of each order, share our knowledge and terminology databases with employed freelancers, and facilitate their consultations with academic researchers and professionals who work with our agency.
  4. We keep confidential all details and data communicated to us by our Customers; to this purpose we have implemented efficient controls and included appropriate provisions in the contracts signed with our employees and freelancers.
  5. We continually improve our quality assurance system, actively respond to all comments provided by our Customers and implement effective preventive measures.
  6. We actively cooperate with our customers when completing their orders to adapt our translation and interpreting services to their needs and requirements.
SIGILLUM Professional Language Services

Board of Directors

Jolanta Kolasa - chair

sworn translator of English and Italian
[legal and economic translation]

Anna Fydryk - deputy chair

sworn translator of German
[scientific and technical translation]

Wojciech Rynduch-Walecki - deputy chair

sworn translator of German