Certified translation

Certified translations are prepared by sworn translators whose qualifications and language skills have been recognised and confirmed by the Ministry of Justice.

The group of customers who use certified translations for legal purposes includes courts, government authorities, universities, companies and individuals.

Examples of documents:

  • contracts
  • birth, marriage and death certificates
  • quality and conformity certificates
  • vehicle registration documents
  • memoranda and articles of association
  • real property – sales contracts
  • tax returns
  • property and motor insurance policies

Responsibilities of sworn translators and interpreters:

  1. to complete all tasks assigned to them diligently and impartially in accordance with the rules defined by the law;
  2. to keep confidential all facts and circumstances disclosed to them by their customers.

Sworn Translators and Interpreters Act of 25 November 2004, Article 14

Certified translations

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