For companies and organisations

We provide comprehensive translation and interpreting services to companies, organizations and institutions, including:

Translation, also certified, of:

  • financial statements
  • offers, bids, proposals, advertising materials
  • business letters
  • contracts and agreements


  • business negotiations
  • conferences, meetings
  • training courses

Linguistic advice

We provide linguistic advisory services, answer your questions about correct and appropriate usage of a foreign language in the materials used on a daily basis in your company, such as business letters, product descriptions, letterhead paper, invoices. We will assist you in localizing your advertising materials, i.e. their adaptation to the linguistic and cultural standards and patterns used and followed by the recipient of the text in a foreign language.

Teaching of foreign languages

We deliver foreign language courses designed for company employees. The scope, objectives and duration of a course are defined in consultation with our Customer. Our employee with an appropriate teaching qualification and experience will prepare a training programme and define the topics to be discussed during classes, taking into account individual skills of the trainees and the needs of the company they are employed with.

For businesses and corporations

A long-term contract

We invite you to sign an advantageous, long-term contract with us. We will be happy to answer your questions: contact us.

A draft contract will be delivered to you within 2 days.


Copies of reference letters confirming our experience in specific fields of translation will be enclosed at your request to the draft contract.