Quality and guarantees

Legal warranty

SIGILLUM guarantees that all translations are legally transferred to, and may be legally used by our customers. We acquire property copyright in each translation under a written contract with the translator.

Quality assurance basics

  • The translators must always be carefully selected based on their qualifications and practical skills.
  • The translation must always be verified and edited by a professional proofreader and native speaker of the target language.
  • Translations of specialist materials or publications are prepared by a team including translators, expert consultants and proofreaders who follow our proven quality assurance procedure.

Liability insurance

SIGILLUM holds a valid insurance policy that covers third party liability associated with our business.

Confidentiality, protection of trade secrets

SIGILLUM has been established by a team of sworn translators who are required under the law to keep confidential information disclosed in documents submitted for translation by individuals and organisations. Also the contracts of employment signed with our office staff include confidentiality clauses which cover all documents and files received from our customers. Data protection is additionally ensured by an authentication procedure and access limitations implemented in our local area network. There are also other security measures available (such as password-protected files or special methods of delivery of translated documents).

Quality and guarantees

Detailed information about legal guarantees and the quality assurance process is available at your request.